Desiderium is a latin word defining desire or longing, especially a feeling of loss or grief for something lost. This Desiderium is a story about long hot summers, council estates and ghosts - a story in a folk horror tradition, but with music a little more progressive and post-rock. Containing 13 pieces featuring both spoken word and instrumental tracks, the album is rooted in personal truth yet interspersed with ancient mythology and history. Partly an insight into his upbringing, growing up through the summers of the mid-Seventies, into the Winter of Discontent and Thatcher’s Britain, the album briefly touches on the loss of his father and grandfather, and subsequently weaves in themes of the living dead and ghosts. It takes its listener down an eery path, the sombre narrative reminiscent of whispered ghost stories captivated by the past.

Showing Influences ranging from progressive rock to trip hop, from Quatermass and The Stone Tape through to Hammer Horror, Kim’s blend of folklore, hauntology and post rock has a clear dystopian influence threading through from start to finish.